BETANYA designs and manufactures ethical, sustainable and trendy clothing. Discover our story!

Organic cotton field


From our farms, to our manufacturing and packaging.

We’ve never approached to sustainable fashion only technical perspective such as using low impact yarns. We always think about making our production processes more sustainable and circular such as using natural elements in our dyeing processes. When we went one step further on sustainability, we came up with the idea ‘Natural Dyeing’.

Our natural dyes

We respect people as much as we respect the planet.

Current plants are not the garbage from food production and plants are not grown for natural dyeing. They are coming from forests or from their own habitat. They are waste of nature, we upcycle them to produce value-added fabrics.
All plants are grown in Turkey and picked from forests or from nature by hand from villagers. So they are not grown with chemical fertilizers for natural dyeing. And all these processes are going by permission of ministry of forestry in Turkey

Linen loom

Our Fabrics

Crafted from recycled and sustainably grown fibers. We recycled or ecological fabrics only.

A GOTS certified partner: who allows us to guarantee you a production and processing that are environmental friendly.